The Membership Information system that …

  • tracks your organization’s members and friends
  • follows interests, committee history
  • emails statements
  • manages auctions
  • produces photo directories
  • interfaces with QuickBooks
  • and so much more!

Advantages of our new Online version:

  • You will be able to access your MemInfo data from anywhere, on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, smartphones!
  • LAN (local area network) issues are eliminated.
  • We will backup your data every night.  Data can be restored from any date over the previous 30 (or more) days.
  • You will always be using the latest version of MemInfo.

Step-by-step guidance for transitioning your PC version of MemInfo to the Internet begins at this Help screen:

For more information about the online version, please write to Support-at-MemInfo.com

WINDOWS 10 Compatibility:

We don’t expect any problems with Windows 10, EXCEPT:  Older printers might not work with Windows 10.  It’s all about the drivers.  You might have to download and install a new driver for your printer – and there might not be a driver for your printer for use with Windows 10.

NOTE: If you change the driver, you must tell MemInfo Support, because that driver also needs to be installed on the MemInfo server.

Go to this help screen for information about specific printers.