The Membership Information system that …

  • tracks your organization’s members and friends
  • follows interests, committee history
  • emails statements
  • manages auctions
  • interfaces with QuickBooks
  • and so much more!

Over the summer we will be moving our desktop users to the Internet.

Advantages of our new Online version:

  • You will be able to access your MemInfo data from anywhere, on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, smartphones!
  • LAN (local area network) issues are eliminated.
  • We will backup your data every night.  Data can be restored from any date over the previous 30 (or more) days.
  • You will always be using the latest version of MemInfo.

Step-by-step guidance for transitioning your PC version of MemInfo to the Internet begins at this Help screen:

For more information about the online version, please write to Lieberman@MemInfo.com