• [*] It’s all on the web, supporting multiple simultaneous users
  • [*] Access from PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, smart phones
  • Integrated information about your members and friends
  • User-defined categories and status (member, friend, …)
  • Easily handles household members with different last names
  • Family information along with the individuals in the family
  • Tracks interests, skills, committee memberships
  • Manages pledges and non-pledge contributions
  • Includes batch entry of receipts
  • Handles partial-year and multi-year pledges
  • Email statements
  • End-of-year statements (fiscal and calendar year-end)
  • Produce photo directories
  • [*] Attendance: Print bar codes for name tags and scan them in
  • [*] Send out emails, with attachments
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Password control of access to view or change information
  • Rapid response from an efficient database engine
  • Add custom fields
  • Auction module (included)
  • Attendance module (included)
  • [*] Automatic daily backups of your data
  • and lots and lots of reports

[*] these features are available only with the online version, not the PC-based version.


Families and People: Identify Families and the relationships among the People in each family. For each person, indicate whether they are a member, friend, visitor, or any other category that you define. Also indicate whether they are active, inactive, deceased, or any other status that you define.

Personal Information: Note family addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and miscellaneous comments about the family. Note a person’s email address, work phone number, birth date, wedding anniversary, miscellaneous comments pertaining to the person, and lists of committees and activities to which they have been associated. Record confidential notes, secured by password.

User-defined fields: You can define many other pieces of information that you want to be entered for a family or person. For a family, you might choose to indicate whether they should receive a newsletter. For a person, you might indicate the membership date, or whether the name should appear in the directory, or which religious education class the child is attending.

Listings & Labels: Print listings and mailing labels. You indicate how families or people are to be selected for these printouts. You can select from different label formats.

Financials: Track pledges for multiple funds, receipt of pledges, and receipt of other contributions. Print statements. Print summaries of pledges and receipts, by category. Print year-by-year comparisons of pledge levels.

Trial Version

If you are new to MemInfo, you can download a trial version here. The online version is nearly identical to the trial version. Also, churches with less than 50 families may use this version for free.