Harry Campbell, Los Gatos, CA

I would especially like to comment on the OUTSTANDING job that it has done in producing out annual photo directory. What once was a grueling 100 hour task was magically transformed into a near literal push of a button.

Peggy Harvey, First Unitarian Universalist Church

We’ve been using the QuickBooks/MemInfo combination for years. It meets all our needs, with membership up to 500+. Paid staff uses Quickbooks, volunteers and paid staff both use MemInfo. It is easy to learn, has services auction capabilities and we have all our visitor and member data in one convenient place.

Mike Kurko

Used the Auction function for the first time recently and were delighted with the built in functionality and ease of set-up and use! We love the program!

Ronald Schaeffer of Lewes, Delaware

We just finished our auction and it was a great success. Frankly, being able to handle the administration so easily is a factor in the success. … I didn’t get swamped at the end of the auction trying to input all the successful bid data myself. We had two computers going full blast for the last 90 minutes, and were able to take checks and print receipts the same night as people left. We have some “activities” which have over 20 successful bidders, so the number of entries goes way over the number of items in the auction. All in all, a great night. Thanks again, Ron

Harry Campbell, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos (California)

We switched to MemInfo and so far I am thrilled by the user interface (very easy to learn and use), very good function including a photo directory and GREAT service. We were able to convert our membership data to MemInfo for $75 (a great bargain in my opinion) and after a bit of data cleanup we are in business. The cost of MemInfo is scaled to the size of the Church/Fellowship and our annual cost will be substantially reduced by switching.

David Clarke, Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, Carbondale, IL

MemInfo is a wonderful program! We use it weekly, with excellent results. The report summaries are especially useful.

Ingeborg Lock, First Unitarian Society of Exeter

We’re making great progress in converting all of our membership data to Meminfo. The more I work with your program, the more impressed I am with the simplicity of pulling out good, reliable data. To produce a very fine directory with a couple of key strokes seems almost miraculous! Ditto with newsletter mailing labels, etc. Our Canvass people are thrilled with the reports M can give them and Membership people are very pleased to be able to get separate listings of visitors, friends, members as well as inactive people.

Roy Hassell, Finance Chair, UU Church, Ogden, UT

We have been using Quick Books Pro and MemInfo for the past four years and find the combination very satisfactory. Quick Books can be adapted nicely to a non-profit organization, providing you have a good Chart of Accounts. QB is lacking for individual contributions statements, but Memfo is very well suited for this and any other people data and reports.

Maureen Driscoll, First Parish Church of Beverly

I’ve been using MemInfo at our UU church for about 4 years. At first we used it just for demographic info. Two years ago, when I became Asst. Treas. tracking all contributions and income, we began to use MemInfo for that as well. Previously, it had been done in Excel.

Support has been consistent from the beginning. Our administrator maintains all the demographic records. She has no problems using it, but she’s dynamite anyway! The price is reasonable; I think it’s a fine product.

Colleen Wells, former Administrator at First UU Church, San Diego

When I was at Summit and now at UU of the Desert I purchased and installed the MemInfo software that keeps track of membership in various ways. It is user friendly, produces reports, labels, and pledge statements. The program has fields for dates of visitors, membership, birthdays, deaths, termination of membership. There are fields for activities, interests, and whatever you want to keep track of. Its easy to use for most anything. At Summit I kept the Email/telephone Tree on it.

Rev. Ann Marie Alderman, Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville

We recently researched church database software as our old system (COMS) had many problems. We purchased Meminfo and are thrilled with it. It works with QuickBooks, which we began using over a year ago to satisfy a need for compatibility with what bankers and CPA’s seemed to want. The best part about Meminfo has been the incredible quick response and service we have been getting from the seller Art Ungar. He is a UU and understands very well our unique situations!

Diane Stephenson, Georgia Mountains UU Church

Our church has used MemInfo for about three years. It is UU oriented, easy to use, easily prints out membership directories, financial statements for members and pledging friends, and has the potential for a database of talents, interests, skills, etc. We like it.

Nan White, Unitarian Fellowship of Hilton Head Island

MemInfo is a great database program for computer novices like myself. I have learned by doing and find the program very useful.

Dick Hemenway, Unitarian Church Davenport

We started using the Meminfo a year ago and are really crazy about it. Started with pledges now expanding into membership info and mailing of news letters. It is really great.

Wanda Davies, Mequon

We have now been using Memlnfo for almost two months and have been very happy with it. It has decreased the time needed for entry of pledges and payments and the responses from members regarding the new statements have been very positive. They find the statements simple and readable. We are looking forward to improving our canvass with the reports showing pledge history and analysis of pledge levels. With the new capability we will soon be going to monthly pledge statements which we hope will improve our pledge collection percentage.

Your response to questions and difficulties has been very prompt and helpful and your conversion of our Impress files was fast and very good. I have not found any errors in the conversion.

As a small to mid-size congregation there are many features we don’t need, but the software should be able to grow with us and accommodate changing needs.

Jan Looney, Mt. Diablo UU Church

Thanks for installing the latest version of MemInfo. It provides the remaining things that we needed, particularly keeping track of pledges and donations to the Capital Campaign.

The program is working successfully, and we are able to print our latest set of pledge statements and reports for the Capital Campaign Committee, Fortunately, I have a volunteer who was able to quickly master the system and enter a lot of new data, particularly committee membership and RE registration and we hope she will be available from time to time for updates. Our new Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Yvonne Rochon, is learning how to use the program also and finds it quit useful for her needs.

Thanks for your continuing support and training. I consider the program very useful and would recommend it to other congregations.

Alice Logie, First UU Society of Plainfield

Several years ago after reviewing about six church database programs, we chose one, We found entering data awkward and got a tape machine when we called support services. When one is a volunteer and are only at the church part time, you’re often not there when they call back. Then we found you. You developed MemInfo and its great to have a real human being answer when I call for help.

It’s been fun to be part of the creative process of developing MemInfo to suit our own needs for a membership database that also supports our pledge records and quarterly statements. While the office administrator keeps the database up-to-date the treasurer doesn’t have to worry about addresses, just the figures.

We’re now in our third year of using MemInfo and I’m looking forward to expanding its use to provide us with more information on our members such as offices held, talents, and interests.

Denise Finneran, Unitarian Church of Evanston

The Unitarian Church of Evanston is extremely pleased with the way MemInfo has helped to solve many of our database problems, and appreciate the continual improvements being made to the program. We are excited by the fact that our requests for solutions have been incorporated in changes to the program and that MemInfo staff have been helpful and fast in offering support when we’ve had problems.

After struggling for quite some time with budgetary limitations, volunteer efforts, and partial solutions, we were very pleased to find a program that covered our needs and was extremely affordable. We didn’t have to explain our needs, the program is customizable, and it fits the diversity of our church families.

Many thanks to Art Lieberman and Art Ungar for their work with us over the past year!