Catastrophe Planning

Catastrophe Planning

We take the safety of your data very seriously.  You data is backed up every night to two separate offsite locations.  And we can restore your data to how it was on any date over the last several months.  Ransomware and viruses are not a problem.  If your data is deleted, that is not a problem.

But just in case the ultimate catastrophe happens…  What kind of occurrence would that be, anyway?  The only one that I can think of is if your MemInfo support team were to vaporize.  So, just in case something happens that prevents you from accessing your data, we encourage you to do the following:

If you are not able to access the online MemInfo system or your data for 2 weeks and you are not able to contact your MemInfo support team ( or ) , you need a recovery plan.

Once a month do these steps:

Step 1:  Backup your online data:
Go online, and from the menu choose:  File | Setup | Backup   and click the Create button.
It will create a copy of your data into the c:\MemInfoTransfer folder on your own computer.

Step 2:  Delete any MemInfo data that already exists on your own computer.  Delete these 2 folders:
C:\users\public\public documents\MemInfo

Step 3:  Install the latest version of the PC version of MemInfo onto your computer:
Download the PC version of MemInfo from
Execute it to install MemInfo onto your PC.

Step 4:  Run the MemInfo program on your PC that you just installed.
Select option 1:  Create Sample Data Files
then Go, Ok, Ok.   It will exit from the program.

Step 5:  Start MemInfo again.
Leave the User ID and Password blank, and click Sign on

Step 6:  Now we’ll load the online data onto your PC.
From the menu:  File | Setup | Misc | Restore Data from Backup
Choose the Backmi file from your C:\MemInfoTransfer folder that was created in Step 1.
Click Restore, and click the next Restore.
Click Ok and Yes and Ok.  It will exit from the program.

Step 7:  Start MemInfo again.  But this time, sign on with the user ID and password that you used on the Online system.  Everything should be Ok, now.

If MemInfo asks you for an update code, use this: AFCU72514

Keep in mind that any changes that you make to the PC data will not be automatically copied to the online data.

Then if the catastrophe happens, you can install the PC version of MemInfo (from Step 1) onto your own computer and then import your data files.

So, worst case is that you’ve lost only the last month of data input.

But not to worry.  We really don’t expect this to happen.  It’s just that we like to have all cases covered.

Thank you.

Art Lieberman