Each church is assigned a 6-digit number, each computer is assigned a 1-or 2-digit number (“remote desktop ID”), and each user has a user ID (“MemInfo ID”).  Passwords are assigned to each computer and to each user.  These are the first two layers of security.

Initially, each church is given 5 “remote desktop IDs.”  Additional IDs may be requested (there is no additional fee).  The number of “MemInfo IDs” is unlimited.

Each church needs to assign the role of “administrator” to someone.  That person assigns the “MemInfo IDs” and is responsible for managing the security of MemInfo within the organization: who is allowed to view data and who is allowed to modify data.  Passwords are encryped.  Users assign their own passwords.  Even the administrator won’t know the users’ passwords.  Although, the administrator does have access to all of the data.  If a password needs to be changed, or if it is forgotten, your MemInfo administrator will guide you through the process for changing it.

There is a master table of all MemInfo users across the country and which organization they belong to (all encrypted).  So, user names must be unique, no only within your own organization but also among all MemInfo organizations.  It is recommended that your MemInfo user ID either start with the initials of your organization, or that you use your email address.  You can use any name that you are sure would be unique.

Note:  When typing user ID’s, upper/lower case letters do not matter.  However, when typing your password, everything counts.

Your church can access only its own data.  Security measures prevent you from looking into the data of other organizations.  

If you have a situation where someone with a xxxxxx-x Remote Desktop ID can no longer be trusted, you will need to contact MemInfo Support ( to have that ID disabled and perhaps to change the passwords of the other users.

Backups are made every night.  Your data can be restored to any point over the last 60 days (and maybe longer).

Plus, measures have been taken on the server to hamper people who are trying to hack into the server.

Stay tuned for further security enhancements…