You’re connected: Now what?

When you connect to the MemInfo server, you’ll see a black screen with a blue strip at the top.  It might take 10 seconds before the desktop is ready for you.

You will find a few icons on the left side of the screen.

Double-click the MemInfo icon, and MemInfo starts up.  When you choose “Exit MemInfo” from the main menu, you will be automatically logged off of the server.

If you are in MemInfo but let it sit for a long time without using it, it will close your databases and automatically log you off.  If you were in the middle of entering data on a particular screen – and you let it sit there for 2 hours – that portion of the new data will be lost.  But if you are not actually entering data on a screen, you will not lose anything.

The blue strip at the top…  On its right end, you’ll find the familiar minimize/shrink/exit icons.

  • You may minimize and shrink the window, allowing you to work with your other programs on your PC or Mac.
  • If you click the [x] exit icon while you still have MemInfo open, your session will be terminated within 10 minutes unless you connect back before 10 minutes goes by.
  • If that blue strip is in your way, you can slide it to the right.


[6]  Once you are “live” with the online version and are no longer using the desktop version, we recommend that you change the name of your MemInfo icon to something like MemInfoOLD, and change the name of the MemInfo folder from   C:\Program Files (x86)\MemInfo   to be     C:\Program Files (x86)\MemInfoOLD.